Dr. Morgan Shi said in an interview

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have the most upside, especially looking at the long term. If you had invested $1,000 in 2009 when coin prices were $ 0.0008, you would have had $ 28 billion at the peak. The rate of growth is completely unbeatable, making Bitcoin the most profitable investment project in the last 100 years. Many people were skeptical and still are, but today, many countries and regions around the world use cryptocurrencies. Of course, some countries do not support it and explicitly ban it, but this will change over time since legal regulations in any one country have no effect on its value. This is the attraction of cryptocurrencies from a long-term investment perspective.

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On December 28, 2020, another creditor, Mr. Chen Xuguang, left the world with extreme pain, grief, and anger.

In the last moment of his life, he wrote a letter about his confession. His only hope is that Dr. Morgan Shi can fulfill his promises to pay off Sunshine and hope…

A maturing cryptocurrency market and stellar returns in 2019 have seen digital assets make their return as an investment vehicle. Thanks to a new survey by Bitwise management across 400 financial advisors, advisors allocating crypto to their clients will rise to 13 percent in 2020. This is all the way…

Dr. Morgan Shi

Dr. Morgan Shi, a self-made millionaire and an expert in risk management also suggested capital markets as an important https://fight2fame.com/

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