A confession from a creditor — 40,000 creditors bring the unjust case Shanghai KuaiLu to light

On December 28, 2020, another creditor, Mr. Chen Xuguang, left the world with extreme pain, grief, and anger.

In the last moment of his life, he wrote a letter about his confession. His only hope is that Dr. Morgan Shi can fulfill his promises to pay off Sunshine and hope that this unjust case will vindicate Dr. Morgan Shi soon.

Five years ago, Shanghai Kuailu’s P2P injustice, which created a sensation in China, caused 15 billion of capital to magically disappear.

As a result, 40,000 creditors were unable to receive the payment, which led to more than 500 petitions for rights protection by tens of thousands of creditors, and 209 creditors died in grief, without having their justice back.
Shanghai Kuailu with more than 50 billion in assets, had no bank loans. However, the use of 50 billion paying 15 billion of these 40,000 creditors is more than enough.

The accident was caused by some corrupt officials in China:
Former Deputy Minister of Public Security Sun Lijun, former Director of the State Information Office Lu Wei, Deputy Minister of Public Security, Interpol Chairman Meng Hongwei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Political and Legal Commission, Deputy Director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Shaokang, former Shanghai Municipal Deputy Municipal and Public Security Bureau Bureau Officer Gong Daoan, Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal and Legal Committee Zhao Qi, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Team Captain and Shi Jianxiang Kuailu Project Team Leader Hu Binyong, First Team and Second Team Leaders Cai and Lin, etc.

With a huge wealth of 50 billion, they colluded with Shanghai Kuailu Group Shao Yonghua, Chen Ningdi (and his wife Jiang Xinrong), Liu Kequan, Chen Zhi, Wang Guofeng and others to frame, convict and tie Shi Jianxiang to the crime of “Hongtong (Red pass)” to force he went into exile in the United States.

The corrupt officials maliciously embezzled Dr. Morgan Shi’s large amounts of funds, assets, and stocks of KuaiLu, and embezzled Kuai Lu 99% of the total assets, only 1% (500 million) was used to pay 40,000 creditors. This led to more than 500 large-scale petitions for rights protection in five years and caused social instability.

Dr. Morgan Shi’s tens of billions of assets were embezzled and charged with unreasonable charges.

They also used various media that do not know the truth to slander, frame, and personally attack them. He also pursued to assassinate him during his exile in the United States.

However, Dr. Morgan Shi did not fall, and numbers of overseas foundation funds from wall street and the middle east felt deeply unfair in this Kuailu to Dr. Morgan Shi. They support Dr. Morgan Shi to start a new business and use the money earned legally to repay the creditors through his Sunshine Payment project.

This project earns support and respect from tens of thousands of creditors.
Representatives of creditors in the Kuailu case

February 28th, 2021

Translation for the letter:

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15:39 2021–02–08
I am healthy

15:25:15 Hello, teachers, comrades, brothers and sisters! Today, I sorted out Chen Xuguang’s mobile phone and found that he wrote the last paragraph at 22:29 on December 28, 2020 (he was already suffering from the pain of cancer at the time), summarizing the thoughts of everyone on the road to defending rights over the past five years I hope you can return your hard-earned money soon!
I am healthy

cry, cry, cry of heart,
cry of cry, voice of heart-
On a sick bed watching “Into the Live Room” feeling

Five years of rights protection appeals together spontaneously volunteered to help the needy. Hold the group for warmth; the five-year rights protection appeals path is faithful to the integrity of the contract, and the law enforcement is for the people. They will walk together; the five-year rights protection appeals path is accompanied by wind, rain, snow, and scorching heat.

They never rest; five years of rights protection petitions have been driven away and humiliated, and they are not discouraged;

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five years of rights protection petitions have honed their strong character and perseverance; five years of right protection petition let them experienced fairness, justice, and dignity in the legal system.

The sound of weeping, shaking everyone’s heart, empathizing, not only the brothers and sisters wanted to go to the mountains and the countryside back then, and resolutely obey the call of the party. Upgrading and layoffs, give an order, and actively cooperate. After retiring, he was frugal, spent everything, responded to the political call, and lent pension funds to Kailu. Who knows that there is a crash, and the top 100 companies are cultivating overnight, our money turn into ashes.

A contract was in hand, and the guarantee person was backed by it. Unexpectedly, it was just a piece of paper. Since then, the lender has become a lender. Creditors, rushing on the arduous road of defending their rights and returning money. How many elders, suffering from chronic illnesses for many years, and returning to poverty due to illnesses; how many friends in disasters, cancer devils, and mental and physical anxieties with high medical expenses; how many framed families and children, purchase of a wedding house, support for the elderly, etc., are in desperate need of money and have no choice but to raise money; how many miserable creditors have failed to survive, desperately desperate, and passed away in despair. This is the

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“deduction” of the victim’s tragedy and crying accusing; Condemnation of corrupt officials by lending money; this is a deep desire for justice and a long-term view of the legal system; this is the question of the ancient admonition “Evil repays evil, good repays good” to the world!

The philanthropist and conscientious entrepreneur Mr. Shi personally cultivated the “Kailu Mansion” to fall down overnight. People wondered and explored. When the “mystery” was about to be revealed, Mr. Shi first thought of thousands of creditors and took the initiative to put forward the promise and implementation approach of “sunshine, conscience, and iron heart”. As the news spread, the majority of creditors were excited and excited, and their dreams will come true; this is the ultimate writing of seeking justice from the relevant political and legal departments more than 500 times and appealing to return the defrauded funds.

:: Oq Postscript:
The first batch: The former “I am healthy” (Chen Xuguang), who joined the “Strong Peers for Rights Protection Group”, picked up a pen to show his heart, and wrote these words on the hospital bed. Because I was forced to the end my life by cancer, I have not much time left, so let’s make this a masterpiece! Thank you

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for your support all the way over the years! Farewell, my dear friends and comrades! May you always be healthy and safe!

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